We All Love to Hate Them…

…and now we want you to create one you truly love!

The Pop Up Studio is excited to announce the return of “Pothole: Positively Filling Negative Space” for its third year!

Last year, the success of this event reached national media coverage! This year, we’ve partnered with United Neighborhood Center’s after school program to make the event even better!  Similar to previous years, our online event will challenge our community to decorate potholes.   New for this year: Online semi-finalists will advance to a physical gallery exhibit, where the winner will be crowned.

Our goal for the event is to invite the community to look past the negativity associated with those pesky tire-poppers and to reinvent the concept of a pothole.   To get started, find your favorite pothole in and around Scranton and turn it into something positive! You can submit your photos right here.  But hurry, you have until 11:59PM on May 18th to enter! 

How it works:

Step 1:  Find a pothole.

Step 2: Turn it into something positive!

Look past those pesky tire-poppers! Start to reinvent the concept of a pothole by decorating and embellishing this rock cavity. Get creative and have fun with it! Most of all don’t forget to take a snazzy photo of your new master piece.

Step 3: Upload your photo.


Step 4: Voting Round One: Spread the word! 

Encourage your friends to vote for your photo online. (Now through May 18th)vote_BTN

Don’t worry though it’s not over May 18th- there’s still more fun to be had.

If you’ve played your cards right up until this point, and you have earned enough votes to be within the top entries submitted, you are eligible for the second round of voting at our “Pothole” gallery.

Step 5: Voting Round Two: Get as many people as you can to attend the gallery!

On May 23rd, the top entries from the online portion will be displayed in our very own “Pothole” gallery, for round #2 of voting. The exhibit will feature the top photos as chosen by our online voters.  Once qualified for the exhibit, everyone is back to an even playing field- you’re not as popular as you were online.  It’s up to you to get all of your family, friends, and random people of Scranton to attend the day of and vote on their favorite and most creative submission at the gallery. The overall contest winners will be determined by this final public vote.

Bring all of your friends and family to see all of our finalists and vote for the winner:

Pothole: Positively Filling Negative Space Photo Contest Exhibit

1:00 – 3:00pm Saturday, May 23rd
Nay Aug GreenHouse


1st Place: 4 New Tires($400 Value!)


2nd Place: Wizard Car Washes


 Follow the conversation – #Pothole.

Basic Rules:

  • Photo must be yours, authentic in nature and taken in the Greater Scranton Area
  • When staging your pothole, make sure you obey all laws and watch traffic!
  • Be as creative as possible and please take a high-resolution photo, minimum on 2.5 MB.  Something using your iPhone, Android, or other smartphone is fine.
  • The Pop Up Studio reserves the right to refuse photo that does not fit within guidelines.

Questions? Email us at [email protected]

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